London Bagpiper Review 9

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Bob and 1st Choice Entertainment's service was second to none. Bob turned up looking absolutely magnificent and so official. He was highly professional and courteous throughout the whole day and was a lot better than a master of ceremony would have ever been.

He played all of the arriving guests and Anna into the venue and then played us out of our wedding ceremony. It was so special and made the whole day extra special. Being Scottish myself with a large number of guests Scottish, it made the whole day a little more like home and had a lot of the guests feeling like they were home in a Scottish wedding as well as welling up a few of the guests eyes with tears (good tears). It was so hot that day and Bob done so well, not only to play in the heat, but also for not passing out with heat exhaustion.

I would tell anyone to book Bob Ash, Highland piper for their wedding or special occasion if you would like your day to be as special as ours was. An excellent job from an excellent piper!

I also have some photos that I can send through of Bob in action. I was going to send these through to Bob direct so he could include them on his website or future promotion?

I am away this weekend but will try and send them through at the beginning of next week. You can send me a reminder email if you don't receive them.

Kind regards, Mr and Mrs Birnie

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